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How to Keep Groundhogs Away from Your Property

You don’t want any wild Winston Salem animal to come onto your property. They can be dangerous to you and your family, not only because they may attack, but also because they can carry diseases that are dangerous to you, yours family, and your pets. You surely do not want this. Some animals are much easier to keep away. You could put up a fence to keep away a skunk for the most part. Some are harder to keep away, while others are much more challenging. The North Carolina groundhog is one such example.

Many of the ways that you would use to keep animals away simply do not work with a North Carolina groundhog. You can’t put up a fence or use repellants, because they are able to simply dig a tunnel to wherever they want to get into and they are on their way. This means that if you have a fence up they can dig under that fence and into your yard. This will not do you any good at all. This means that you don’t really have the same kind of alternatives to keep these animals away. Instead, you have to be smart about ensuring that you do not do anything that makes it so that they will want to come to your property. This means removing any thing that may attract the Winston Salem groundhog.

To start with, consider the reasons that this North Carolina animal would come to your property: food or a place to find shelter. If you don’t want them around then you need to ensure that there are no easy sources of food. If you have a garden, you need to make sure that the fence that you put around it is at least three feet deep into the ground. They will not dig that deep and so you will be able to keep them out of the garden. You cannot leave cat or dog food out. You can’t even have bird seed if the Winston Salem groundhog can reach it. These animals will eat this too. Groundhogs will eat grasshoppers and grubs, so you may need to spray to kill off the insects. It is sad, but you may have to go to this kind of extreme.

Keeping them off your Winston Salem property may mean trying to scare them, and nothing does this better than big dog. If you can keep your dog outside so that if a groundhog comes along your dog will scare it off, you will have some success in keeping it away. Block off your garbage cans and make sure the lids are on tight. Use motion sensors that will turn on lights or sprinklers should a North Carolina groundhog get onto your property. Put in fences that are dug deep. There are some things you can do and you will have success.

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