Is there an Opossum in Your House?

Protecting your Winston Salem home is something that every person who is a home owner is concerned with doing. This is the biggest financial investment that anyone will make, and so it makes sense that you would do all you can to make sure that the property is protected and free from things that can cause it damage. This includes wild North Carolina animals.

There are times when such things as North Carolina rats and mice are able to get into a home and cause problems. However, there are some animals that when they get into your home there is obviously a great deal to be worried about. This is true of the opossum. These rather ugly looking Winston Salem animals are quite messy when they enter a home, plus they carry diseases that could be a danger to you and your family. Even to your pets. This is why if they get into your home you have to figure out how to get rid of it.

The question is how? What is it you are supposed to do if a Winston Salem opossum gets into your home? This is a good question that first requires you to be safe. Before taking any action, some counties will provide services to come out and remove an animal like this if it is in your home. They understand that a possum can be a danger to pets and people, and so they may provide services to come and get it. Not every county will do this, so you should be aware. You could call a pest control service to come and remove the animal, but that may not be financially possible for you to do that. This leaves you with a do it yourself project, but one you have to be really careful in doing. You don’t want to get bitten or scratched by this North Carolina animal, or to come in contact with its waste. This can cause you to get sick or ill. This means you need to wear gloves and clothes that cover all of your skin.

After you have put on the proper attire, next you want to isolate the North Carolina animal. First, start by getting it secured in one room. If you can get another person to help you, just have them enter the room with you. Have a blanket that you will use to catch the possum. Use a chair or some kind of object that you can keep the animal away from yourself while you try to limit its options to get away. Once you have it in a corner, throw the blanket over it or scare it into a bag. Make sure you close the bag quickly or enclose the blanket. BE SURE YOU ARE WEARING HEAVY GLOVES. After you have it secured, simply take it out of your Winston Salem home.

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