Sounds of a Pigeon in Your Home

If one or many North Carolina animals have decided to take up residence inside your house, one of the first indications you may of the unwelcome visitors is strange and unexpected noises. If you hear noises such as scratching or thumping, you will need to solve the mystery of what animal has invaded your home. The noises themselves can provide several clues before you even set eyes on the Winston Salem animal. Pigeons have their own distinctive noises that will let you know that they have moved into your living space. If you hear their trademark cooing, you will know what animal you are dealing with.

Pigeons are known to make the noise which is called cooing. The coo is the calling that the pigeon can use with a lengthened sound. The calling can be used for communication between the Winston Salem pigeons, especially when the pigeons are trying to attract a mate. A grunting noise is made when pigeons are in distress, or they can use the sound to alarm or warn others. While cooing, the pigeons may strut or they may engage in bowing and tail-fanning. In addition to the vocal sounds, the North Carolina pigeons may create noise when they stamp their feet or when they slap their wings together before taking flight. The pigeon can also make a song with a series of throaty coos accompanied by the fanning of a tail, inflating of a throat, bowing and strutting.

When the pigeons are found in your place, they can be creatures of habit. As they stay longer in one place, they are more possessive and more determined to stay. A few Winston Salem pigeons can multiply quickly and the problem is going to get worse. Pigeons are known to make a few different sounds that you may hear if they have found their way inside your home, but they are most known for the cooing noises that they make. Pigeons are not dangerous creatures, but they can make a mess in whatever environment they inhabit. This is why it is important for you to react quickly whenever you hear a cooing coming from your attic or elsewhere in your house. You will need to make a plan to trap and remove these North Carolina birds and then seal up all the entry and exit points so that they have no way of returning.

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